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On the eve of Halo 2's release, my mom took my brother and I's Xbox away for whatever bad thing we did. The next day, my brother and I put all of our money together, then he skipped school, walked to the Gamestop at the mall (2 miles away), and purchased Halo 2 and a new Xbox. We played in secret for three days in my brother's room before my mom found out. She wasn't really that mad, just flabbergasted at what we did. We got our other Xbox back in due time and had 2 Xboxes until the 360 came out.-Nicholas

I started to play dungeons and dragons because a girl I had a crush on for over year said she liked the game. Last month, I had to stop playing with her because she doesn't role play enough and often speaks out of character.-Luke

When I was 5 I cried and hid in my room when they changed the time MacGyver aired, because it came on before I got home from school.-Ryan

When I was in middle school, we were told to write an essay about someone we looked up to. I wrote a two page essay on someone I knew on Everquest, because he was able to solo a boss everyone said was impossible to kill alone.-Eric

In high school, I turned down a date with a girl because I just finished turning my entire basement into a fort.-Kyle (who is more awesome than nerdy, but I'll let it slide)

In 2007, my family went to Spain on vacation. Instead of bathing, tanning or doing anything a normal person would do in Spain, I spent 48 hours in my room reading Harry Potter. It was awesome!-Ann

A friend asked me why I suddenly looked uneasy while listening to my mp3 player. I was too ashamed to tell her Kefka's theme from FFVI had just come up on shuffle.-Brian

I dated a girl who was 50 lbs heavier than me (I'm about 160) for almost a year because she was paying my monthly on WoW.-Andrew