1. Yoshi

    Well, good luck in there Mario!

  2. Mario

  3. Yoshi

    Go get 'em man.

  4. Mario

    You know, you could, uh, come with me. You know, and help-

  5. Yoshi

    Nope. I stay outside the castle.

  6. Mario

    You know, it's just, castles generally are hard and-

  7. Yoshi

    I'm not allowed in there. So…

  8. Mario

    But it's Bowser. I know it's hard, but we're partners. You can't just quit on me!

  9. Yoshi

    Yeah? So we're partners no matter what?

  10. Mario


  11. Yoshi

    Through thick and thin?

  12. Mario


  13. Yoshi

    And I can take my turn banging Peach?

  14. Mario


  15. Yoshi

    Oh, what's that? I don't get to bang Peach?

  16. Mario

    No! Of course not! You're a dinosaur!

  17. Yoshi

    But I have to go through all those castles, huh?

  18. Mario

  19. Yoshi

    So I'm going through that castle…all for the not-sex. Yup. That hot, hot, not-sex…

  20. Mario

    I swear, you're worse than Luigi.

  21. Yoshi

    Have fun in there champ.