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Playing MW2Player A: They're all in the bunker, you guys go in the back door.Player B (without missing a beat): That's what she said.-Ross H.

During a CoD MW2 game these two kids on my team were going at it about bitch play styles and what not. When one of them seemed to be backed into a corner he came back with the simple question of "What's your credit score? No seriously, tell me your f*cking credit score!" He won the argument because the other kid had a sh*tty score.-Eric

"If someone doesn't shoot down that Harrier, I'm gunna fart in my hand and smell it!"-Brent

Last week I was playing Halo and this kid's Mom comes into the room and starts yelling at him to clean his room or she will start breaking things, He told her to F-off, Then we start hearing, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, not my DS! SMASH. Then no, no, not my Xbox… He went offline, we assume he got his Xbox smashed.-Josh

I am a mom and I was playing 1vs100 on Xbox live when some teens said "go wash your crusty mullet and give it to your son that was conceived when you sat on crusty c*m at a gas station."-Anonymous

One time me and my friend were ripping on this 12 year old on Xbox. My friend soon convinced the kid that we taped him and that we are producers from Machinima and we want to have put his video on youtube and give him 6000 gamer points. In order to do this we have to get his mom on the mic and give us the rights to the video. His mom won't come on because she thinks we are pedophiles but every week we get to hear him beg and whine to his mom to come on Xbox. If she ever comes on we are sooooo fucking with her.-Anonymous

Every time I log into Xbox Live, there's always some kid calling me a "British Fag." I'm Australian. -Chris from Not England