4. Bushido Blade Adds Realism

Bushido Blade might be the most realistic fighting game of all time. It introduced the INSANE theory that getting hit with a sword might cause you to, you know, die. While other games had you stabbing and slashing your enemy with the effectiveness of a light slap, Bushido Blade forced you to fight off attackers while nursing injured limbs. Characters crawled around when their legs were slashed, lost control of their arms, and died when struck by a critical hit. Though there haven't been many realistic fighting games since, it can't be denied that Bushido Blade brought something new to the table: Real consequences. Flying bicycle kicks be damned!

5. Virtua Fighter Brings Us 3-D And Ring Outs

When Virtua Fighter came around, no longer were fighting games constrained to two dimensions. VF was the first game to let you parry and attack on a 3-D plane, as well as the first to incorporate ring outs — a shining moment for jerks everywhere. There's nothing more satisfying than an opponent beating you to your last sliver of health, only for you to knock them out of bounds with a lame low kick. "Combos and special moves can get you far, but there's no substitute for ring-awareness!" — Jerk Who Finds Himself Hilarious.

6. Street Fighter Introduces Chun-Li

As the first playable female character in a fighting game, Chun-Li is essentially the Nineteenth Amendment, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton rolled into a Chinese girl dressed like an acrobat. If her incredible good looks don't knock you out, her signature move, Hyakuretsu Kyaku or "Lightning Kick", will certainly do the job. Gamers have Chun-Li's appearance in Street Fighter II to thank for making way for future female characters. Not to mention, unrealistic expectations of Asian women.