3. Viewtiful Joe 2 - Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia

I'm hard-pressed to think of many games where you can to play both the hero and the love interest. But thanks to the fine folk over at Clover, you can do both. In Joe's first game, Silvia plays the role of your standard, cliche'd damsel in distress desperate to be rescued. But in the sequel, Silvia proved she could "henshin-a-go-go" just like the best of 'em. Namely, her boyfriend.

When you execute your first Zach Morris "time out" and the game allows you to bring in your significant other to have her turn throat-choppin' baddies, it's pure magic. This is the couple we should all aspire to be.

It's refreshing to see boyfriend and girlfriend fight the forces of evil back to back. In fact, I think that they may even share the same pointy, white-booted fashion. Hellva couple.


2. Sam and Max: Hit the Road - Sam and Max

The most successful comedy duos typically consist of the straight man and the funny man. However, the comedic pistons must have been firing something fierce when Steve Purcell conjured up the trigger-happy canine detective and his partner, the "3-foot, hyperkinetic rabbity thing." It's impossible to pin point which one of these guys is the straight and which is the funny, because both successfully pull off both roles. And that's not an easy task.

While the player primarily controls Sam, some of the most memorable scenes from the LucasArt's adventure game was using Max to solve a puzzle in a way you never would have with conventional logic. It usually ended up tickling your funny bone and simultaneously awakening a latent, twisted sense of humor you never knew you had. Instead of trying to sweet talk an alley cat to cough up your marching orders, you can simply use your "Max" icon to have your rabbity buddy nonchalantly shove his arm elbow deep into the feline's gullet to retrieve the note. Hilarious.

Also worth mentioning? The snappy back-and-forth dialogue between the pair of psychotic vigilantes is among some of the best the golden age of adventure gaming had to offer.


1. Team Fortress 2 - The Medic and The Heavy

Ahhh. When Russian and German stereotypes meet. The pièce de résistance. Virtual blood has been shed arguing over the best good match-ups to be had in Valve's multi-player sensation, but nothing comes close to a choice Medic & Heavy duo. Sure, any one's grandma can charge up and fire an uber, but it take the truly skilled players to execute it properly and efficiently (see: destroying fools. Lots of fools).

It's a bond that's almost too perfect to put into words; kinda like the aurora borealis, it must be experienced firsthand to be believed. A thin, German surgeon who laughs at the Hippocratic oath and a husky, Russian gunman whose merciless actions are the reason the Hippocratic oath was created in the first place. Two opposites never complimented each other better.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.