Pick any schmo off the street and they can easily rattle off every one's favorite video game teams: Mario and Luigi. Rachet and Clank. Sonic and Tails. Mega Man and Rush. Kong and his Diddy. But what about some of the lesser appreciated duos? The teams of two putting their collective necks on the live to better our lives? Here's our tribute to gaming's most under-appreciated tag teams.


6. A Boy and His Blob - The Boy... and his Blob

A boy. A blob. A sh*tload of jellybeans. Endless possibilities.

Anything the boy wanted, the blob delivered. You need to climb some stuff? I'm your ladder. Feed me some tangerine jellybeans, you got yourself a trampoline. Got a hankerin' to rocket off into space? It'll cost you something root beer flavored.

These two could do it all and they did it through friendship: the most powerful flavored jellybean of them all. Not to mention, I can't think of many characters that can actually complete an entire NES game in under 10 mins.


5. ToeJam and Earl - TomJam and Earl

The original bad boys of Funkotron never got the credit they so rightfully deserve. Just like these guys depended on each other while stranded on Earth looking for rocket parts, you also demanded the complete trust of your buddy, who picked up and assumed responsibility of that second controller.

The red, three legged "bro" and the chubby, orange "homie" had to watch each other's backs for pesky nerd herds, notorious tomato hurling duck squads and bastardized bogeymen. Whether you finished as "poindexter" or a "funk lord", these guys were the best of the best.

I had a friend warn me once, "Careful of those rocket skates, first shot's a doozie." That's teamwork.


4. Shadow of the Colossus - Wander and Agro

Link and Epona are the obvious pick for favorite "adventurer and his horse", but what about our heroes in Shadow of the Colossus? There's something truly electrifying about galloping toward a big-ass monster on your trusty steed, only to leap off with pristine timing and grab onto the behemoth by a few wayward monster whiskers. When you've made the death-defying jump, you and your horse share a knowing look: "I got you, bro," she says. It's beautiful.


Not to mention Agro's ultimate sacrifice. UGH. It's killing me just typing it. At the end, your loyal horse performs a gallant leap over the gap of a crumbling bridge. Using impeccable horse-intuition, Agro tosses Wander on the other side just before she tumbles into the river below.

What other animal sidekick would make a sacrifice that great? Yoshi? Pfff. Getouttahere.

Damn. I still can't talk about it. I'm gonna need a minute. Look away. Look away!