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I was playing CoDMW2 and a kid, (I'm assuming about 13-14) announced after a 12 kill streak "I AM THE BRINGER OF DEATH AND DOOM! BOW BEFORE ME. NONE CAN STOP MY MIGHT", closely followed by "Honey, if you don't take out the trash I'm going to take you off your silly game." The reply from the kid was mostly warbled moans, pleads and cries.-Dave

I got rickroll'd over Xbox live.- Hunter K.

"I'm gonna cut your d*ck off and tape it to my d*ck! Then I'll have a super-d*ck!"- Brian D.

My friends and I were playing Call of Duty 4 and one of my friends is notorious for making fun of girls and little kids. This one match there happened to be a very annoying girl playing, and my one friend started picking on her trying to get her worked up. Halfway through the match, a little kid spoke up and told my friend to quit harassing her. Immediately after the kid said this, my friend told the kid that if he didn't shut the F*** up, he was going to spread the kids nut sack around his dick and use the skin to jerk off. The girl that the kid was defending laughed at the kid, who left moments later. - M0RM0NxMURDERER

Playing Halo 3 on Xbox live with my buddy"I take gravity bong hits from the top of my toilet."- Kurt P.

While playing Halo 2 with my brother and my friend Tom a 12 year old kid began yelling at Tom and telling him to fuck himself and using other four letter words to describe Tom's genitals. Tom responded by saying "Did your mom's pimp teach you those words?" to which he began to cry and scream and then an older male took the mike and told us to leave LeShawn alone. We could only assume that the man was indeed his mother's Pimp.- Derek

I was playing CoD one night, and a redneck was also in the lobby. He was obnoxious, but I never muted him. Until he started yelling at his wife for a beer, and then started to smack the shit out of her for backtalk. I think I did the right thing by muting him. - Zack T.