Plot: A rag tag group of Missourans set off on a light-hearted adventure in search of gold in "The Oregon Trail." Along the way they'll encounter all sorts of wacky situations, from a hilarious case of fatal diarrhea to a pratfall-filled river fording attempt, to a squirrel hunting expedition that's sure to tickle your funny bone!
Cast: Adam Sandler as "The Pharmacist", Kevin James as "The Wainwright", Rob Schneider as "The Surveyor", David Spade as "The Saddlemaker"
Inevitable Sequel: Oregon Trail 2: We Thought Of A Few More Diarrhea Jokes

Plot: From the people who brought you "Hoosiers" and "Million Dollar Baby" comes the inspiring story of Hillary Clinton as she faces the odds in her quest to become the first female to win the NBA Jam tournament. Cheer her on as she overcomes such obstacles as a broken ankle caused by a half court dunk attempt and the Whitewater scandal. Can her teammate DJ Jazzy Jeff learn to accept her as a teammate and, more importantly, a human being?
Cast: Hillary Swank as "Hillary Clinton", Will Smith as "DJ Jazzy Jeff", Brian Dennehy as "Newt Gingrich"
Inevitable Sequel: NFL Blitzers

Plot: After escaping from a Bomber factory, White Bomberman joins up with former rival Black Bomberman to save the galaxy from the Hige Hige bandits, led by evil mastermind Bagura. As Bomberman, Black Bomberman, and Max battle against Bagura for control of the galaxy, they must also battle eachother for the affection of Pretty Bomberman, which stands to ruin their friendship and the movie as a whole.
Cast: Shia LeBouf as "Bomberman", Megan Fox as "Pretty Bomberman", Tyrese Gibson as "Black Bomberman", Josh Duhamel as "Max", Kevin Spacey as "Bagura".
Inevitable Sequel: Bomberman 2: Rise of The Fiendish Bombers.

Plot: Paul Dano stars as "Paperboy", a sadistic teen who spends more time vandalizing the homes of non-subscribers and hitting people with newspapers than he does getting the paper to subscribers. Drug-induced hallucination sequences involving oversized housecats, tornadoes, and the Grim Reaper are just a few of the strange occurences in this dark comedy.
Cast: Paul Dano as "Paperboy", Jeff Bridges as "The Grim Reaper"
Inevitable Sequel: Paperboy 2: Easy Street

Plot: New York City: July 4th, 2011. A seemingly normal day comes to a halt when Earth is invaded by a giant killer centipede from another galaxy. Our planet's only hope? Paul Tanner, a former Gulf War hero turned "Street Meat" vendor with a magical laser rocket launcher latched onto his cart for some reason. Featuring the most explosions and least dialogue in the history of cinema, Centipede is the blockbuster action event of the year.
Cast: Sam Worthington as "Paul Tanner", Randy Quaid as "Homeless guy who'll almost definitely save the day."
Inevitable Sequel: Millipede

Plot: From the director of "Paranormal Activity" comes "Pac Man." Based on a true story, "Pac Man" contains the lost home movie footage of Mr. and Ms. Pac Man, a West Virginia couple living a seemingly normal life until one day their home is invaded by monster ghosts.
Cast: Owen Wilson as Pac Man, January Jones as Ms. Pac Man
Inevitable Sequel: Pac Man Fever: the Outbreak

Plot: Blocks tells the story of "L block", a member of Tetris Town who's ostracized from his community after he ruined a potentially record breaking game by showing up just before the town hero, "I block." Follow "L block" on his journey of redemption, concluding with a climactic geometric standoff with his enemy, "T block."
Cast: Michael Cera as "L block", Dwayne Johnson as "I block" Will Arnett as "T block" John Ratzenberger as "Square block"
Inevitable Sequel: None.