1. Shao Khan


  2. Sub-Zero turns Johnny Cage into a baby.

  3. Shao Khan


  4. Sub-Zero

    All right! Good match, Johnny. Had me on the ropes there for a sec.

  5. Johnny

    (crying) Guh…guhh…..WAAAAAHHHHHHHH…

  6. Sub-Zero

    Oh jeez, I think we have a Poopality over here!

  7. Shao Khan

    Okay, let's see what the next match is…uh, Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion.

  8. Scorpion

    Um. I don't mean to be a spoil-sport, but I don't think I'm comfortable with that…

  9. Shao Khan

    C'mon, Scorpion, you can't cancel right before the match.

  10. Scorpion

    This isn't fair, Mr. Khan. I didn't know I was going to be a fighting a baby.

  11. Shao Khan

    Frankly, I think it's way less fair for the baby than you. Why are you complaining?

  12. Scorpion

    I'm complaining because I don't feel like uppercutting a baby and tearing him limb from limb. Plus, this is a new outfit and I'd hate to get baby poo on it. Nothing gets baby poo out.

  13. Shao Khan

    Scorpion, I spent a long time getting this tournament together. Remember: that the $50 entry fee is non-refundable.

  14. Scorpion

    Ugh…fine. Get him over here…

  15. 1 minute later…

  16. Shao Khan


  17. Scorpion turns Johnny Cage into a fetus.

  18. Shao Khan

    FETALTIY! Next up is…Kano vs. Johnny Cage.

  19. Kano

    Oh come on. A fetus? Couldn't you have used your Beastiality?

  20. Scorpion

    I think you mean Animality.

  21. Kano

    …oops. I think I should go apologize to Baraka for our last match.