1. Link

    Yes! I've retrieved all of the pieces of the Triforce and saved Hyrule!

  2. Old Man

    Hey kid!

  3. Navi

    HEY! LISTEN! An old guy is talking to you!

  4. Link

    Yeah, Navi, I heard him. What is it, old man?

  5. Old Man

    Your quadforce is missing a piece.

  6. Link

    My…my what? "Quadforce?" Uh, I think you mean "Triforce."

  7. Navi

    HEY! LISTEN! Link thinks you're wrong, old guy.

  8. Old Man

    Yeah, I can hear. Look, kid – there's clearly a piece missing from the middle. How is that thing supposed to balance? A slight nudge would knock it over.

  9. Navi

    WATCH OUT! I think he's going to slightly nudge the Triforce, Link!

  10. Link

  11. Old Man

    I can't believe you never noticed that.

  12. Link

    So there's Power, Courage, and Wisdom. What's the fourth piece for?

  13. Navi

    HEY! Yeah, what is the fourth piece for?

  14. Old Man

    Immortality, Flying, and Fairy Muteness.

  15. Link