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Some random little kid joined my Xbox live party to tell everyone in the party that he was going to bed and then signed off.

The first truly online experience I had was the first time I played Call of Duty 4's multiplayer. The very first thing I hear from the speakers is, "If I stick my finger up my butt, does that make me gay?" From that moment forward I knew I was going to love the Call of Duty fanbase.
-Derek O.

I was playing Modern Warfare 2 and this little kid starts talking, he's probably 5-6 years old. He says "Hi, I'm Jake and my brother is letting me talk for him" so just to get a small laugh, I reply in a very polite and cordial tone "I'm sorry, that is a violation of XBOX Live rules and your brother can lose his account." All of a sudden I hear this kid bawling hysterically and him telling his brother through his tears that we aren't letting him talk. I burst out laughing, because honestly that's the only response I had. Nothing like accidentally making a small kid cry.

During a game of Oddball on Halo 2 "I just beat your ass down like Rodney King"

While playing GTA4 on Xbox live I would pick a random name off the list of teams and unmercifully hunt them down and taunt them the entire game, no matter what it took or the outcome of the game. One game I chose to go after a player named Flying Sandals. The entire game taunted him with: "What the fuck kind of name is that? You suck, how many kills do you have? Oh yeah, none you bitch, I'm gonna find you!" and other more rude and vulgar taunts. He didn't say anything to me while we playing. Everyone playing would laugh and tell me where he was, even his own teammates. When the game finished I had killed him about 30 times and stopped him from doing anything.  When it finished and it showed the teams scores I asked him: "Flying Sandals, why do you suck so fucking bad? I mean really? your embarrassing." Everyone was laughing, then he finally spoke in the saddest voice, like he'd been crying. Everyone in the lobby went quiet. "I just got the game today" he was no older than 7 years old.

One time while playing Shadowrun with my friend, we enter into a lobby and just hear "GO F$#K YOUR MOTHER!" to which the other guy responded "MAYBE I WILL!" Needless to say, me and my friend lost it laughing.
-Connor L.

"If I wanted a comeback, I would whip it from the roof of your mouth"
-Eric G