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I had no ride home from work one night. Instead of walking or calling someone, I went back inside and played The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass on my DS. For 15 hours. Until it was time to start my shift for the next day.-Ty

I went on a date with a girl I met on a dating site. She seemed geeky and cool, so I was honest when she asked what my pet peeve was. I said "Pi." She misunderstood. She thought I was talking about the dessert. I explained that we treat Pi like it's a rational number when it's an irrational number and thus shouldn't be used for practical calculations, and that it's bull crap anyway, because you can draw a circle with an evenly measured circumference, so using non-terminating, non-repeating Pi as part of a calculation is faulty. She didn't say anything for the rest of the date. -Jack

I punched my dad in the face for trying to make me stop playing FFVII in the middle of fighting Sephiroth.-Tom

My friend and I called the Nintendo help line to find out how to unlock the car race mini-game mode in Mario Party 5. They didn't know. We were furious.-Josh

I tugged it to the Danger Girl videogame more times then I can count.-David

I used to cover up my Pokemon posters with Goldeneye posters when my friends came around. And they thought that Goldeneye was dorky.-Yee

I used to play WoW. One time two friends and I were sneaking around enemy territory, taking on groups of 5 at the same level as us. My friends were way better than me. When one enemy tried escaping to a non-pvp zone and my friends started screaming for me to charge/stun him before he got away, I got really nervous. I did manage to stop him and my friends finished him off. I still think back to that moment when I'm feeling bad about myself.-Nicholas

I was in the middle of a 5 vs 5 Counter Strike match and I needed to take a poop. Long story short, I tried to hold it in but I ended up shitting my pants. Totally worth the win.-Andrew