1. Donkey Kong breaks open a barrel containing Diddy Kong. Diddy falls out, dazed.

  2. Donkey

    Diddy! Are you all right?

  3. Diddy

    (rubbing his head) Jeez… what happened?

  4. Donkey

    King K. Rool has stolen all of our bananas! The entire hoard's gone!

  5. Diddy

    No! God, no…

  6. Donkey

    I know. So we've got to get them back. Luckily he left a trail of perpetually spinning bananas that lead to his hideout.

  7. Diddy

    All right, let's — hey, wait. Perpetually spinning bananas?

  8. Donkey

    Yeah. Look.

  9. They both look at a nearby line of three bananas, each one spinning in the air.

  10. Donkey

    Oh, also, all the spinning bananas hover.

  11. Diddy

    Jesus… And there's a trail of these? All the way to his hideout? The one in that boat that's miles away?

  12. Donkey

    Yeah. A trail of thousands of hovering, spinning bananas. So?

  13. Diddy

    Donkey, I don't understand how, but we've been blessed with an incredible opportunity. It would be really easy to use these countless spinning bananas to generate energy. They might allow us to construct the first functioning perpetual motion machine.

  14. Donkey

    But… but what about the bananas?

  15. Diddy

    Look, we're on the brink of revolutionizing sustainable energy. If we need more bananas we can plant a frigging banana tree.

  16. In a matter of months Diddy Kong develops new technology that harnesses the power of the perpetually spinning bananas, solving the energy crisis. King K. Rool dies alone in a boat full of rotten bananas.