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Some friends and I are studying to take the bar exam. In order to better understand things, we've been applying principals of law to Star Wars. A typical session will include debates about whether using the force to steal from someone's home is burglary or larceny, whether Obi-Wan's ghost could testify in court, and if Han had a self-defense claim when he shot first. If we were taking the Tatooine bar, we'd be set.-J

I have a satchel that I bring everywhere I go. I purchased patches for it representing all the classes from World of Warcraft. Whenever I level a character to the level cap, I sew a patch representing that class to my bag. So far my bag has five patches. Patches 6-8 are on deck and soon will be ready to be sewn on.-Ethan

In high school my gamertag, "Palmo," was my nickname. There was another guy with the same real first name on my cross-country team, so Palmo stuck. When an art teacher hooked me up to do some video-editing work for an alumni's parents, they made the check out to Palmo. I had to get them to change it so I could cash it.-Palmo

I was never into Pokemon when it was popular with kids my age. Recently it back came into fashion at my school and I wanted to give it a shot. My girlfriend let me borrow her little brother's game. Not knowing what I was doing, I overwrote his save data and started my own. He had that game for three years and put a lot of time and effort into it. I feel so bad. I'm trying to re-catch every Pokemon and level them all up. I have 323 in my pokedex and growing. I've barely slept since summer start. I'm sorry Ty (that's her brother's name).-Anonymous

When two close friends and I got together during break, we got drunk and decided to get matching Triforce tattoos.-Tash

My freshman year of college, I had Tetris for the DS and for some reason I could not put it down. Literally, I was addicted. I kept one game going for 23 days. When I was tired I would pause the game, close the DS, go to bed, then wake up and continue the next day. The depressing part is that when I finally decided to finish the game and collect my score, my DS shut off on me.-Duncan

I'm banned from talking about Star Wars to my girlfriend or her family. Last year we visited her family for a weekend. Star Wars came up in conversation. They were having lengthy discussions about their favorite characters and other things. I've only seen Episode One, and none of the original trilogy. When they asked me about my favorite character, I panicked. I said the first names I could remember, "Boba the Hut, or Jar Jar Binks." After a long pause, they continued the conversation like I hadn't said anything.-The Platypus

Sometimes I suck in my gut, even when no one else is around, just to feel a little better about myself.-Mark