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Kid 1: I hate when big kids call you out on stuff just because- Kid 2: Dude, you just said "big kids."- Calvin L.

In the middle of a Gears of War game, there were two guys split screening on our team. The one guy said that he had to go to the bathroom, but I noticed that he never stopped playing. I heard occasional grunting and bowel movements for the rest of the game. - Eric

I overheard a guy who sounded to be about 17 doing a drug deal on his cell phone during a free-for-all Halo 3 match. He won by nine kills.- Calvin L.

My friend and I joined a game, and our team was full of little kids. I assumed they were all friends, but then they all started yelling at each other. One kid said "I will rip your balls off!" About 5 seconds later, another kid in the background of all the other kids yelling at each other yells "I'm going to rip your balls off and put it on your pepperoni pizza!" - Ryan D

"Oh my god that dude had 31 kills and 1 death! He's awesome. He can fuck my mom anytime!"- Brandon 

Dude: Hey kid, tell your mom to come over here.Kid: She's busy right now. Dude: But I need some ass.Kid: She's making me breakfast, leave her alone.Dude: Don't make me butt fuck you.- Anonymous

I was playing a round of Modern Warfare 2 and exclaimed "Goddamnit!" after getting killed by a camper. I was then told by a fellow team member that I shouldn't use the Lord's name in vain and called me a "n****r faggot". - Clinton

"I'm gonna bend your mom over my knee, shave her ass, roll the hair in a blunt, and make you smoke it, faggot."- Kolby I was playing COD MW2 late one night where a guy starts talking about his life troubles like his wife who gives him head whenever he wants, then he goes on to say he recently shot and killed an intruder and the cops found 100+ marijuana plants in his house investigating the shooting. Obviously I thought everything he was saying was bullshit until I did some research. Now I'm more inclined to believe he gets head whenever he wants.- Sergei P