1. Bowser

    Um…hey, Mario?

  2. Mario

    So a-what is it this time? Kidnap the princess again? Luigi? If it's Luigi, you can a-keep him.

  3. Bowser

    Uh no. Not this time. I need…a plumber.

  4. Mario

    …oh. Jeez. That's a first. What's the problem?

  5. Bowser

    It's the pipes. They're not connected to anything. There's no running water in the entire kingdom, evil fire-spewing plants are growing out of the pipes, and the sewage system is…not pretty.

  6. Mario

    Wow. That is a major a-plumbing problem. How have we never a-noticed this?

  7. Bowser

    Ever wonder where the toilet pipes go?

  8. Mario


  9. Bowser

    Sh*t World 1-2. We have literally filled up an entire world with sh*t because our plumbing system is so f*cked.

  10. Mario

    Oh god. I thought that a-was mud! Smelly, a-smelly mud…I WORE MY FROG SUIT THERE, YOU DICKHOLE.

  11. Bowser

    Can you take the job?

  12. Mario

    So…I really haven't a-done any actual plumbing jobs in a couple decades. Are you sure you don't want to just a-kidnap the princess?

  13. Bowser

    How would raping the princess help this?!

  14. Mario

    I…wait. That's what you do when you a-kidnap her?

  15. Bowser

    Well…yeah. Why else would I kidnap the princess?

  16. Mario

    Ransom money?

  17. Bowser

    Gold coins are floating almost everywhere you can look. Who the hell needs money?

  18. Mario

    This a-has been a very disturbing conversation.

  19. Bowser

    So will you fix the pipes?!

  20. Mario

    Honestly, I have no idea a-how plumbing works anymore. Is it something with fireballs? Raccoon tails?

  21. Bowser

    Wow, you've really lost your touch, huh?

  22. Mario

    Let's just a-tell Luigi that he'll get to do Luigi's Mansion 2 if he fixes the plumbing.

  23. Bowser

    That's just cruel, man.