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I weave chain mail. -Rob

I work a temp job in a dank, gray cubicle for eight hours a day without much supervision. The day really drags along. Last night I made all of the Kanto gym badges out of cardboard. Today at work, I rewarded myself with a badge for every hour I was productive.-Mike

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people refer to the "Forest Moon of Endor," as just "Endor."-Jeff

When I first started playing WoW, it was around Halloween. We were heading to a costume party that night and my girlfriend walked in looking all hot, wearing pig tails and rocking a Catholic school girl outfit. She started getting frisky and tried to get me to stop playing. I ALMOST stopped playing WoW to go have sex with her.-John

During elementary school, on Dr.Seuss' birthday, our school told everyone to bring their favorite book to class to celebrate. I brought the Final Fantasy IX strategy guide.-Jacob

I can tell you the plot of any episode of Star Trek by watching two minutes of it, sometimes less. I can't remember my dad's birthday.-Brian

I used to work at EB Games. One Day this cute guy came in with a red ringing Xbox and was trying to see if he could get store credit. I fixed it so it would stay green just long enough so that he could trade it in, because I was trying to hook up with him. Ignoring all of my passes, he continued to trade in games until he had enough for a PS3. He was super thankful and I thought I was in, until he said "Yeah it was my Girlfriend who broke the Xbox in the first place, she f***ing hates videogames."-Victoria

When I was in 4th grade, some bastard stole my favorite and most valuable Pokemon card. Even to this day, I want to kill the SOB.-Mike