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I loved playing Bioshock, but it scared the hell out of me. When some of my friends discovered this, they started having Bioshock parties in which they would sit around and watch me play for comedy value as I involuntarily whimpered my way through the game. I allowed this to happen because I was often too scared to play it alone.-Anonymous

After beating Kingdom Hearts and collecting all the post-game things, I remember attempting the new Coliseum matches. I immediately gave up on Sephiroth, but I was constantly attempting to beat the Ice Titan. On one lucky fight, I managed to get his health down to a point where one more attack ought to have done it. I don't remember what I messed up, but suffice to say I died. I proceeded to cry and scream and I think I tried to throw my chair. My mom ended up taking the game away for several weeks. I never went back to that damn Coliseum.-Conor

A couple years ago, my family was preparing to go on a road trip. Not wanting me to be bored and annoying, they got me Final Fantasy Advance Tactics on my GBA. I hunkered down in the back seat and found myself hooked immediately, I played the whole 6 hour ride; then played well into the night at the hotel room, in fact I played so long that I fell asleep while playing. I woke up and my Gameboy had inevitably run out of battery and turned off. I hadn't saved the game since I hadn't planned on stopping. I broke down and cried in front of my whole family.-Anonymous

When I was a a little kid, me and my older brother bought the original Tomb Raider for PSX. I loved the game, but I was stuck on the 2nd level for ages. That's because when I jumped into the water, my brother told me to "watch out for sharks". Now, there are no sharks in the original Tomb Raider. I had such an irrational terror of video game sharks that I spent several days looking for a way around that very simple, point A to point B, water section of the game. After about a week I finally managed it, despite drowning repeatedly when I panicked and could not swim correctly. The game had a lot more water after that. I never beat it.-Stefan

When I was about 6 years old I was always the kid who knew all the cheat codes. I would go to the bookstores and buy those crappy "1000 Video Game Cheat codes" books, just so people would invite me to their house and I could help them on their game. Anyways, I got invited to my friend's house and he wanted me to help him with Banjo-Kazooie. I used the cheats on the floor of the sandcastle, although little did I know, Grunty's threats to erase the game save were not hollow. I caused my friend's game to be erased and he hasn't let me play any video game at his house since.-Will

Not that long ago I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with a bunch of buddies on my laptop. We were playing versus, and it was my team's turn to be the Infected. Almost immediately after I was chosen to be the Tank, my wireless mouse died and I was left standing in front of the Survivors, unable to move whatsoever. Of course, they took me down within a matter of seconds and I rage quit right after. They all Steam messaged me, laughing. -Kit (who now always uses a wired mouse)

I once had a nightmare that I was raped by Baird from Gears of War. -Jon