1. Henchman 1

    Uh, hey guys? Who was that?

  2. Henchman 2

    You mean that guy in the suit who just rampaged through our entire security force?

  3. Henchman 1

    Yeah, him.

  4. Henchman 2

    I don't know, but that was crazy.

  5. Henchman 3

    Yeah he really shot up the place. It was like he literally had every gun known to man.

  6. Henchman 1

    Did you guys see him pull that rocket launcher out of thin air?

  7. Henchman 2

    Where was he keeping it?

  8. Henchman 3

    Was he throwing tank shells with his bare hands at one point?

  9. Henchman 2

    That… that was actually impressive.

  10. Henchman 1

    And every time he looked at his watch I couldn't move.

  11. Henchman 3

    You're right, it was like time stopped.

  12. Henchman 2

    I'm pretty sure I shot him multiple times and it didn't affect him.

  13. Henchman 1

    We gotta stop leaving body armor just laying around.

  14. Henchman 3

    Why did he feel it was necessary to destroy every computer we had?

  15. Henchman 2

    Seriously, what an asshole.

  16. Henchman 1

    Did your guys' heads feel like, at least 3 times bigger than normal while he was here?

  17. Henchman 3

    Now that you mention it…

  18. Henchman 2

    And did anybody else see him slap those three guys to death?

  19. Henchman 1

    Yeah! It was like he did it just for fun!

  20. Henchman 3

    Well at least we'll never have to go through that again.

  21. Just then, James Bond bursts in, shooting and destroying everything.

  22. Henchman 2


  23. James Bond stops shooting.

  24. James Bond


  25. Henchman 1

    Why are you back here shooting everything again?

  26. James Bond

    I didn't beat the level fast enough.

  27. Henchman 1


  28. Henchman 2


  29. Henchman 3

    I'm filing for a transfer.