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Once while I was playing GTA4, there was this epic gun battle going on in the landing strip area of the Liberty City Airport. I was doing OK, but this one guy was on fire! Getting kills left and right, I heard him proclaim – "Mothaf*cka, I'm about to come up in yo' crib and help myself to yo' Frooty Pebbles."-Evan

I was playing Halo and there was some little kid having some sort of grunting match with his (male) friend and his mic on so I asked him if he was gay and he said "I'm not gay. I'm twelve."-John

"I'm gonna take a huge sh*t, put it in the freezer, wait 4-6 hours, take it out, sharpen it and stab you with it!" That's what a guy said to me during an Invasion game in Halo Reach.-Rodrigo

"You know how some people get breast feeded man? Man, you got dick feeded."-Shane

Me and my friend were playing COD together and we had a bunch of really little kids on our team. When they started to suck it up my friend decides to yell in a deep voice "ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE FAGGOTS YOU BETTER STEP YOUR GAME UP OR I'M GONNA KILL YOUR GRANDMAS." They all left.-Jesse L.

I was playing Halo 3 on Xbox live with a friend from hockey a few years back. When we won a match some 10 year old boy on the other team started yelling at my friend when he said, "good game." The kid replied with various claims about having sex with my friend's mother. My friend then called his mom yelling, "Mom, some kid over Xbox Live says he had sex with you last night." My friend's mom proceeded to put on the headset and rip the kid apart for the better part of a minute. The kid started to cry.-James

10 year old playing COD4 on killing someone with his 9mm pistol: "Yeah! Suck my 9mm cock!" My friend's reply: That's not really something you should be proud of." He left the game immediately afterward.-Anonymous

Overheard in Gears of War 2, "Yah well last night you broke into my house and sucked my dick while I was sleeping!" The offender claimed to be 13 years old.-Dustin

"I am going to find you and shove your dick so far up my ass!"-Spencer

I was playing an intense game of free for all in Call of Duty, the game winning kill was from a hardcore camper. The recipient of the kill yells "I'M GONNA RIP OFF YOUR A**HOLE AND WEAR IT AS A MONOCLE." -Sam