11. Mega Man 9: Dr. Wily's Castle

Just as Mega Man 9 is a return to the old school sensibilities of early NES Mega Man games, so too does it mark a swift return to the days of controller-smashingly annoying levels. It's one thing to look like the Mega Man games of old, but it's an entirely different thing to play like them. Really guys, no mid-level checkpoint save options? Non-pressure sensitive jumping? Unreal. Plus, combine these elements into Dr. Wily's Castle with 8, count 'em 8, non-saveable checkpoints, and it's easy to envision why this game is so maddening.

12. Gunstar Heroes: Mine Cart Level

Continuing the long held tradition of super difficult mine cart levels in video games, the mine cart stage in Gunstar Heroes takes the genre to a whole new level of "come on!"-inducing frustration. With a relatively straightforward premise and gameplay design, the goal of the level designers is clearly just to overwhelm you with numbers. And, though they were nice enough to give you unlimited ammo, one gets the feeling they only did it to make you that much more pissed off when you can't beat it.

13. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: All Ghillied Up

Quick, what's the first thing that jumps into your head when you think of the Modern Warfare franchise? Explosions, gunfire, and just killing a crapload of bad guys, right? Now, what's the last thing that jumps in your head? An entire level devoted to quiet maneuvering and minimal gunfire. It can be argued that the purpose of All Ghillied Up is to advance the story while giving gamers an excuse to exercise some of the skills exhibited by modern soldiers. It can also be argued, however, that I bought this game to lay as many pussies out as possible, and if I wanted to experience life as a soldier I'd nut up and enlist.

14. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: Water Temple

Navigating through Ocarina Of Time's Water Temple level is a journey so epic, so legendary, so goddamn complicated, walkthroughs read more like Tolkien novels than helpful guides. Probably the best way to sum up the level is to enter "Water Temple" into urbandictionary.com. The first definition that appears is, "Considered by many to be the equivalent to a complete rectal examination." Couldn't have said it better myself.

15. Top Gun: EVERY LEVEL

A flight simulation NES Game from the '80s is going to be nearly impossible. As gamers, we accept that going in, and treat the combat in Top Gun for what it is: archaic and frustrating. What sucks the fun out is the fact that the true test of your skills and patience comes after you've killed everyone, because game developers somehow got it in their heads that landing the friggin' plane should be the game's most difficult mission. It's the aeronautical version of navigating through an intense and action-packed Bond game only to then have to fill out mounds of paperwork in order to finish. And if you misspell someone's name or misplace a decimal point, you lose a life.