2) Midgar (Final Fantasy VII)

The pendulum hath swung too far, and I hear you. You like the conveniences of a fantastical sci-fi universe, just not to the Asari standard. Well I have two words for you: Buster. Sword. Midgar is something of a two-faced city. Sure, it's a massive floating paradise, but it's powered by generators which literally suck the planet's soul. The police force employs alien clones, but you also have talking dog/lions, big-breasted karate kickers, and technicians on damn near every street corner with the balls to say to themselves, "You know what would make this sword better? If it was 6 feet long and a foot wide. And then maybe a fucking gun! Oh, too much? Yeah, you're probably right." It's basically New York City imagined by Vikings, coated in nerdgasm, powered by magic. Just be prepared to adapt to a bisexual lifestyle, because no one can tell gender apart in that place.


1) Hillys City (Beyond Good and Evil)

Never heard of it, have you? Well that's the great part! No one has, and that makes it the choice for a nice, quiet life of rest and relaxation. Think Venice: beautiful architecture, renaissance design, streets of water, flying cars overhead, vivacious vegetation, gorgeous weather, quiet level of activity and populated by sexy vixens. Like... literally. Fox-people. And cat-people. Come on, the Akuda Bar is tended by an anthropomorphic cow wearing sunglasses! You can't tell me that's not awesome. In your downtime, you can shoot some disks, race your hovercraft, or just enjoy the ridiculously catchy music of the natives. A quaint island paradise, Hillys City is the perfect place to call home. It may not be as big, advanced, or well-known as others in this brochure, but trust me: you can't put a price on character. Besides, the biggest scandal the inhabitants ever dealt with was exposed and brought down by a reporter. No bald space marines needed, thank you very much.