5) Rapture (Bioshock)

Ah, you've heard of this one. Unique location, sovereign rule, groundbreaking advances during its inception. But if everyone's talking about it, why is it so far down on the list? I'll tell you why, and it's a disgusting, horrible secret that the founder, Andrew Ryan, does not want you to know:

These people absolutely cannot keep up with fashion. You can call this personal taste, sure, but come on! Going retro is fine every once in awhile, but I swear, you go down and meet some of these people and it's like the '50s never ended with them! Flapper girl hairdos, fedora hats and button-up suits. Sure, the legalized use of recreational drugs makes for some wild parties, but some greedy pushers are starting to take things a little too seriously, and surprise surprise, the authorities are becoming just a bit uptight. Honestly? I don't see a good future for this place.


4) Ironforge (World of Warcraft)

If you're looking for the heart of industrialism and commerce, look no further than Ironforge, home of the dwarves and temporary halfway house for exiles of the nearby Gnomeregan, which is just a short jaunt down the mountain slopes and across the lakes. Though I honestly wouldn't recommend the trip. No one would. Because fuck that place. Fuck that place and its stupid quests and terrible layout and mob attacks and--!! ...Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, Ironforge is ideally situated in the heart of Alliance territory, with tons of services. If you're a craftsman yourself, feel free to make use of the free-flowing magma the dwarves use for smelting in their main hall! Never mind the fact that standing so close to molten rock would just as soon melt your face as the weapon you want to forge. On the plus side, unlike any of the Horde's cities, at least you can find your way around in it.


3) Nos Astra (Mass Effect 2)

So swords and sorcery aren't your style. I can dig that. You want something more sophisticated, sleek and sexy. Well traveler, look no further than Nos Astra, capital city of Illium, an Asari-dominated planet in the Crescent Nebula. In non sci-fi terms, it's a city filled with hot psychic women, legal slavery, and the best weapons and armor tech in the galaxy. And, being a planet designed to cater to the rich and powerful, it's not all business. Nos Astra has a definite focus on luxury, with some of the classiest sights, bars, and accommodations in the galaxy. For example, if you're looking for a place to stay, try out Hotel Azure, which in Asasri-to-English would basically translate to a human brothel called "Hotel Vagina." Probably. But hey, at least it's not the Citadel, which is less of a city and more of a giant floating satellite designed to call forth the invasion of a Lovecraftian mechanical doom-race from beyond the stars.