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The other day my dad told me, "You don't know it yet, but these are the best times of your life." He's right. I just spent my spring break getting my Tetris high score to 4.8 million.-Anonymous

I work as a part-time nurse at an old folks home. To help my patients get closer to their children, I tried introducing them to Dungeons and Dragons. I figured that since it didn't involve anything electronic, it'd be pretty simple to teach them. I though I'd be a hero in the eyes of the elderly for helping them find some common ground with their grandchildren. Not the case. I spent most of that day being yelled at by a grandmother for "turning her innocent grandson away from the Lord's light and towards the wicked ways of the devil." By that she meant helping him play as a warlock.-Peter

Last summer, I signed up to be a part of my church's week-long work camp this April. I was really proud of myself for finally taking part in it. Then Portal 2 was delayed to come out the same week. I instantly dropped out of the camp. When people started asking me why I dropped out, I started going to a different church.-Anonymous

My brother once left my Playstation on overnight on top of a thick carpet. The carpet blocked the vents and something burned out. It still played if you turned the system upside-down, though. FF7 came out shortly after. My cousin and I were super stoked until the first cut-scene. Whatever burned out didn't affect normal gameplay, but it made cut-scenes choppy and unwatchable. We figured out that the only way to make it work was by manically blowing into the bottom of the system though the entire scene. Anytime a cut-scene came up, the one of us not playing would gently pick up the PSX and blow to the point of light-headedness. We played the entire game that way.-Tim

My son told me that Call of Duty was the greatest game ever made. I knew he was only saying it because he heard it from his friends. I had to set him straight, so I took his PS3 controllers away until he finished Ocarina of Time. He faked sick from school to beat Ganon. I've never been prouder.-Marty

Years ago I started a new season in NHL '98 for the PC and gave myself control over all 26 teams. I played all 1066 games against the computer using a rotation system. I would play as each team 41 times, and I did the same for the playoffs which was an additional 84 games. It took three years, but it was so much fun that I did it again years later with NHL '06. I plan on doing it a third time sometime soon.-Anonymous

WoW is my go-to source for current events. I found out about Michael Jackson and Bin Laden's deaths through trade chat before it showed up on any of my RSS feeds.-Anonymous

My last boyfriend dumped me after he found out how big a Sonic the Hedgehog fan I am. He thought my iPod filled with Sonic songs, my keychains and my bumper stickers were cute. When I finally brought him home, though, he kind of freaked out. My rooms are filled with Sonic posters, comics, figures, plushies, clothing, bags, games, bed sheets, pillows, mugs, clock, dvds, and generally anything that has that blue hedgehog's face on it. The last straw may have been when I told him about my Rouge cosplay and pulled the half-finished costume out of my closet. He left soon after and broke up with me via text message.-Anonymous