4) What A Piece Of $#&% - Conker's Bad Fur Day

Yes, yes, you all saw this coming. The Great Mighty Poo is too well-known to not be included, but his appearance has been so played-out that it's hardly even fun anymore to count the guy. But, credit where credit's due: a giant singing turd is pretty original, and shocking to say the least. Still, it might actually be our foul-mouthed, furry protagonist who ought to take the cake, seeing as prior to his drunken rampage in Bad Fur Day, he was kart-racing with other doe-eyed cartoon characters like Diddy Kong and Banjo. Pfft, child actors, man.


3) From The Inside Out - Ecco: Defender of the Future

After games like Devil May Cry 3 and Gears of War 2, a boss fight where the battle takes place inside the beast itself is no longer that "strange." Still, let's add in the other factors and multiply it by crazy to see what we get: One dolphin, plus alien invasion, plus time travel, times all-underwater gameplay, divided by the square root of naked humans leaving earth via gooey bubbles of space flight, instituting dolphins as caretakers of the planet. Now, knowing that, when I tell you the final fight involves a giant alien queen's heart chamber filling with acid (look, I don't know how it works) while you bounce antibodies into it with your sonar, do you feel weirded out yet?