6) The Power Of Positive Thinking - Space Channel 5

See girl report on alien invasion. See invading aliens force humanity to dance. See incredibly catchy game with underused character Ulala surface on SEGA Dreamcast. So what if it was just PaRappa re-skinned with groovy graphics and a hot chick in a spacesuit mini skirt? Space Channel 5 was an upbeat, just-plain-fun game, which was never more evident than during the final boss battle. It had you battling your insane boss who brainwashed the masses for a TV ratings boost, travelling to his own personal dimension, and shooting beams of positive energy at the five televisions that comprised his body. But in the end, you couldn't do it alone. Nope, every soul had to raise up its voice and chant along, and when evil was finally vanquished, they all walked happily ever after on a trail of stardust to the edge of the universe. C'est la vie, Ulala.


5) They Spared No Expense - Deathsmiles

Spaceships and other vehicle-based shooters are soooo '90s; why not make a side-scroller bullet hell game starring gothic lolita witches? Eh? Eh? Anyone? Well that's what Deathsmiles was, and the barely-comprehensible plot concludes with a man named Jitterbug either accidentally or purposefully opening a gate to Hell while trying to go back to his own dimension. And what comes out of this vile portal? None other than... no, no wait, "Satan" isn't scary enough... I know! Let's put "Tyranno-" in front of his name but make him look nothing like a dinosaur. Instead, let's aim for Geena Davis from that one scene in Beetlejuice. Damn you, Jitterbug! The hubris! You never should've played God!