Boss fights are a staple of video games these days, but they're kind of a pain. You can't step ten feet into an ancient sunken city without some mechano-magick guardian spoiling your adventure. Buzzkill, right? Well, remember that bosses are people too (and monsters, and robots, and aliens, etc.) so they're just like us. And, just like us, sometimes they happen to be freaking weirdos who frankly stand waaaay too close while talking to you. These are their stories.

For brevity's sake, we're only discussing stateside releases here. The Internet's tubes aren't long enough to list every bishojo game where the only "boss" to speak of is decency and respect.

8) Ray vs. Rex – Metal Gear Solid 4

Okay, let's all step back from our love of this game and the series in general, and try to see this fight for what it is: A giant robot dinosaur armed with missiles and lasers fighting another giant robot dino… duck… thing… with missiles and a Super Soaker in its mouth. Sure it's cool and refreshing to have some completely new gameplay that allowed us to take control of the franchise's iconic weapons of war, but in the end, the only thing I was personally inspired to do was dig up the old VHS tapes of "Godzilla vs. King Ghidora." Don't even act like he wasn't your favorite kaiju.

7) Sticks And Stones, And Now Words Too – Psychonauts

Psychonauts was an under-loved creation from Tim Schafer, creator of cult classics like Grim Fandango _and franken-genre titles like _Brütal Legend. It starred children that could've easily been cast members from a Tim Burton-reimagined "Muppet Show," with main character Raz delving into others' minds to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Here, traumatic memories and psychoses took on physical forms, such as that of the theatre critic, Jasper. This bubble-bodied thesbian hater (and really, who hates on thesbians?) literally hurled insults at you from his ink pen cannons. Constructive, Jasper! We always want our criticism to be constructive!

6) The Power Of Positive Thinking – Space Channel 5

See girl report on alien invasion. See invading aliens force humanity to dance. See incredibly catchy game with underused character Ulala surface on SEGA Dreamcast. So what if it was just PaRappa re-skinned with groovy graphics and a hot chick in a spacesuit mini skirt? Space Channel 5 was an upbeat, just-plain-fun game, which was never more evident than during the final boss battle. It had you battling your insane boss who brainwashed the masses for a TV ratings boost, travelling to his own personal dimension, and shooting beams of positive energy at the five televisions that comprised his body. But in the end, you couldn't do it alone. Nope, every soul had to raise up its voice and chant along, and when evil was finally vanquished, they all walked happily ever after on a trail of stardust to the edge of the universe. C'est la vie, Ulala.