Sure, M. Night Shyamalamadingdong's The Sixth Sense scared the crap out of us and shocked audiences nationwide with its at-the-time remarkable ending. But videogames have had some pretty substanstial "ZOMGWTFNOWAI" moments too, and they deserve no less love. Here are 8 of the most memorable plot twists in videogames:

8) No lives remaining (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

While debate still rages as to whether the CoD series or Halo is the more legitimate contender to the FPS throne, hardly anyone disputes the shock and awe – why yes, that wordplay was intentional – that floored us all when, after extracting a team of U.S. Marines in CoD4: Modern Warfare, a nuclear threat is rumored, established, and executed within moments. At the level's climax, the game violently snatches victory from your hand like an angry sugar-high toddler as it screams in your face, "NO! MINE!"

In video games we're always accustomed to having one more life, to having one more try. But here you were forced to watch a distinctly disempowering scene as a city was decimated, your mission was failed, and your protagonist died. Real life warfare kinda sucks, huh?

7) Activate the super weapon? Sure, sounds safe. (Halo: Combat Evolved)

With Halo: Combat Evolved, the folks over at Bungie created a surprisingly versatile and well-realized universe that borrowed from the likes of James Cameron and… uh… more James Cameron. But through all the sticky grenades, uncontrollable Warthog levels and Native American chanting, one moment stands out as particularly noteworthy: a moment from firing up Halo's defenses to stop the parasitic Flood, sexy "look but can't touch" Cortana shows up to lock-block an eager Master Chief, revealing that the ring doesn't do quite what you think it does. Instead of killing the Flood ouright, it'll kill their food source (aka: sentient life) throughout the galaxy. And that smarmy little bastard Guilty Spark wasn't gonna tell you squat. But I don't think anyone liked him and his Jetsons-style puttering anyway.

6) Killing in the name of love (Silent Hill 2)

Sure, there's plenty of weird shit in the Silent Hill series. But there's weird, and then there's "you murdered your dying wife to spare her from a suffering, painful death and the experience was so traumatic your mind not only blocked it out, but created fleshy rape demons to embody your sins and haunt your soul" kind of weird. When James Sutherland finally remembered his horrific act, we were left to stew, slack-jawed, without a single comforting thought to lull us back to a feeling of security. For added horror, go back and re-analyze the setting with this knowledge in mind, or read up on the plentiful amount of theme analyses online. Trust me, it's way more terrifying when you realize Pyramid's knife is meant to symbolize a dong.