4.) Grand Theft Auto IV - Friends Are Annoying

Ah, GTA: the series of games so realistic that you can recover health by having sex with prostitutes (that's how prostitutes work, right?). By the fourth entry in the series, Rockstar actually required players to maintain relationships with other in-game NPCs, ironically forcing gamers to do the one thing they were trying to avoid in the first place. The lesson? If you're going to have characters (say, a particularly annoying brother) blowing up a player's virtual cell phone at all times, you should at least make it easy to turn off said cell phone.


3.) Mass Effect - The "Elevator Rides"

Unlike Everquest, Mass Effect's long commutes weren't attempts at realism, but rather an ill-advised sleight of hand. The developers wagered that it would be marginally more entertaining to sit through an in-game elevator ride than it would be to watch a loading screen. They were wrong. Gamers, deprived of any visual signal that their game was, in fact, loading, instead were left just wondering: "Dude! Why the fuck is this elevator taking so long?"