1. Mr. Leet

    Who do you think you are bringing his kind into my house?

  2. Mrs. Leet

    Gerald, he could hear you! He just went off to the bathroom…

  3. Jessica

    Dad! He's a nice guy, really.

  4. Mr. Leet

    He's a n00b, Jessica. A n00b.

  5. Jessica

    So what? I love him!

  6. Mr. Leet

    This relationship will never work, it's got epic fail written all over it.

  7. Mrs. Leet

    Honey, he called WoW "Wordcraft."

  8. Jessica

    I don't care what you say! Ryan and I are perfect for each other.

  9. Mr. Leet

    You're a Leet, God damn it. We don't date n00bz, we pwn them!

  10. Mrs. Leet

    He's right, dear. Insolence FTL.

  11. Jessica

    This is so unfair, I wish I was never a Leet!

  12. Mr . Leet

    You bite your tongue, young lady. There are children playing third world MMO's that would KILL for your phat lewtz.

  13. Jessica

    Maybe I don't care about phat lewtz! Maybe I LIKE n00bz! Maybe I want to MARRY a n00b someday!

  14. Mr. Leet

    Over my Level 70 Rogue's temporarily dead body.

  15. Ryan

    …Mr. Leet?

  1. The family gasps.

  2. Ryan

    I know you're concerned. Maybe rightfully so. There are a lot of things I don't understand. Hell, I can't even manage to find the Control Panel half the time. But I know when I've found love, Mr. Leet. And I love your daughter. In the end, I think that's worth more than all the fake gold in the world.

  3. Pause.

  4. Mr. Leet