1. Kazooie

    Banjo, wake up! Grunty kidnapped your sister!

  2. Banjo

    Oh no, we have to save her! Quick, get in my backpack.

  3. Kazooie

    The fastest way to get..... wait, what?

  4. Banjo


  5. Kazooie

    Did you just tell me to get in your backpack?

  6. Banjo

    Well yeah, of course I did!

  7. Kazooie

    What good can I do if I'm in a backpack?

  8. Banjo

    It's got legholes so you can carry me up slopes!

  9. Kazooie

    Right..... look I think we need to talk.

  10. Banjo

    What do you mean?

  11. Kazooie

    I'm starting to feel like you think I'm some kind of tool for you to use however you like. I'm a living intelligent being, just like you and Mumbo and all those talking object with eyes. You treat me like crap and I'm sick of it.

  12. Banjo

    Now hold on, we're a team and we always will be! You and me, best buds forever!

  13. Kazooie

    What species of bird am I?

  14. Banjo


  15. Kazooie

    And why do I have to shoot f*cking eggs out of my ass, huh? Do you know how painful that is!?!

  16. Banjo

    No, not really.

  17. Kazooie

    sigh I think we need some time apart, I'm gonna spend the night at Conker's place. Good luck saving your own goddamn sister.

  18. Banjo

    Wait, you can't just leave! You're nothing without me! You weren't even invited to Diddy's party, that's how worthless you are!

  19. Kazooie

    Right. Bye.

  20. Kazooie flies away.

  21. Banjo

    Sh*t, now what do I do?

  22. Bottles

    Maybe Kazooie just wasn't right for you. You should get back at her by hanging out with me!

  23. Banjo

    F*ck off, nobody likes you.

  24. Bottles

    Yeah I know...