4) Seven Day Survivor (Dead Rising) â€" Survive for at least 7 days (20G)

There's nothing particularly difficult about surviving a zombie apocalypse â€" Lord knows we've all been exposed to enough theoretical zombie mayhem that we know the essentials: shotguns, food, badass post-apocalyptic outfit. The real challenge behind Dead Rising's Infinity Mode is actually playing through about 14 hours straight, without dying or being able to save or suffering a power outage around Hour 13 and going all Frank West on your Xbox with a shovel. Not only will you need to stock up on food in the game to survive the zombie hordes, but you'll need to stock up on food in real life so you can get the achievement in one sitting and not risk anything disastrous happening while you're away. Might wanna get a bedpan too â€" everyone know red rings are 50% more likely when you're going number 2.


3) Mr. Perfect (Mega Man 10) â€" Clear the game without getting damaged (30G)

Mega Man has always offered up plenty of challenges to everyone involved: Can you try to beat the game without looking online to see what order you should play the stages? Can the developers come up with new villains without resorting to ridiculous stuff like Bubble Man? Can someone explain why Rush can't help you out through the whole stage instead of for brief periods of time? He's a robot dog, not a goldfish that can only live outside for a few seconds. Anyway, Mega Man developers came up with an especially cruel challenge with this achievement. You can absolutely, positively NEVER sustain any sort of damage throughout the entire game. That includes the back-to-back-to-back-to-back (etc.) boss fight at the end of the game, fighting Wily and all of his bot-men in a row. If you can actually put in the time to get this achievement, you will certainly have thrown enough controllers to obliterate your living room wall. And you don't even get wall-powers for that.

2) World Champion (Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter) â€" Climb to the top of the universal leaderboard (40G)

Being the world champion doesn't mean you have to be good at the game, or very good, or extremely good, or Steve Wiebe-good â€" it means you have to be the best in the entire world. Well, technically the best in the universe, but I doubt many amorphous 4th-dimensional amoebas are playing much G.R.A.W. The achievement is so difficult to complete that practically any "guide" you look up online will explain that the easiest way to get it is to use 4-12 accounts simultaneously to illicitly boost your scores. And even then â€" it's not a sure thing, and it could take months. But at least you can have something to brag about other than that "Participant" trophy from your 4th grade spelling bee ( the one that you stole from your brother).


1) The Inhuman Achievement (Guitar Hero 3) â€" Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert (15G)

When noted poets of song DragonForce first laid this gentle folktune to paper, I'm sure they had no idea that they would soon be responsible for the crippling arthritis that millions of gamers now carry with them, all because of this cruel achievement. "Through the Fire and Flames" is a redundantly-titled, wickedly fast heavy metal ballad designed to destroy the souls of fingers everywhere. Even if you somehow manage to get through the grueling beginning, there are a few solos down the line that will make you want to punch your mother for birthing you in a world where this is considered 'recreation.' Remember playing Seven Minutes in Heaven in high school? DragonForce just gave you Seven Minutes in Hell.