6) Mile High Club (CoD4: MW) – Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty (20G)

This mission flies by so quickly you'll get plenty of chances to fail it miserably. You have one minute to gun your way through a plane filled with terrorists and rescue an anonymous VIP – what ensues is pure chaos, no matter how skilled you are. The only way to complete the mission successfully is to perform it like a perfectly-choreographed ballet: every single move you make counts, everything has to be timed perfectly, and – for the love of God – turn your cell phone off, it screws with the pilot's equipment. As do all those flash grenades, btw.

5) Seriously 2.0 (Gears of War 2) – Kill 100,000 enemies (50G)

'Seriously' in Gears of War was a pretty tough achievement – 10,000 kills is a hefty task for even the most adept cow-necked future soldier. When they decided to multiply that number by 10 for Gears of War 2… well, gamers started praying for an actual alien apocalypse to end the world before Gears of War 3 came out and 'Seriously 3.0' had us all slogging towards a million kills. 100,000 kills isn't challenging – it's just an insane number to ask for. The internet has clocked the shortest required time for this challenge at about a full day with no breaks. Too bad 24's off the air… this could have been Jack Bauer's greatest challenge yet.

4) Seven Day Survivor (Dead Rising) – Survive for at least 7 days (20G)

There's nothing particularly difficult about surviving a zombie apocalypse – Lord knows we've all been exposed to enough theoretical zombie mayhem that we know the essentials: shotguns, food, badass post-apocalyptic outfit. The real challenge behind Dead Rising's Infinity Mode is actually playing through about 14 hours straight, without dying or being able to save or suffering a power outage around Hour 13 and going all Frank West on your Xbox with a shovel. Not only will you need to stock up on food in the game to survive the zombie hordes, but you'll need to stock up on food in real life so you can get the achievement in one sitting and not risk anything disastrous happening while you're away. Might wanna get a bedpan too – everyone know red rings are 50% more likely when you're going number 2.