6. Zombies Ate My Neighbors: The Son of Dr. Tongue

Although it's not the first time you see it, the giant baby in the "Son of Dr. Tongue" bonus stage may be the scariest thing in the entirety of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. For starters, it's a lot more out-of-control than the other giant babies in the game (multiple enlarged infants being a major selling point of Zombies Ate My Neighbors). And there's nothing leading up to the baby – the whole level is just you building up the courage to take on this diapered monstrosity with your water gun and dinner plates. And once you've killed it, you have to fight through three Frankenstein monsters to get to the exit. Three. And they're not even baby Frankensteins. Pick a theme and stick to it, Zombies Ate My Neighbors.


The videogame version of James Bond wasn't quite as smooth as the real thing — he wasted a lot more ammo, his version of Natalya was about as hot as a stack of ugly legos, and he would ask everyone to stop what they were doing every few seconds so he could stare at his watch to doublecheck his mission objectives. However, he had to deal with a lot more actual missions than movie James Bond. Because once Goldeneye (the movie) was over, Bond got to sit back and make out in a field with his new lady. But videogame James Bond? No such luck — he still had to go stop a secret evil space shuttle launch, fight Jaws, and battle hordes of doomed security guards. But the best part was finally getting to use the laser rifle — a key moment in the training of any secret agent. For England, James? No…for lasers.


There are few things that are quite as shamefully nerdy as referencing Monty Python in casual conversation. Yes, Monty Python is great and hilarious, but it's been beaten into the ground so mercilessly by geeks of all shapes and sizes that there's really not much of a point anymore. Videogames, however, have no such shame. The always-reference-happy Fallout series managed to secretly include the greatest Monty Python reference ever: while traversing the wasteland, you come across a bridge guarded by a man who will ask you three questions. I'd write out the questions, but you've already repeated them out loud ad nauseum, gotten punched in the stomach by the cooler kids, and had your lunch money stolen, so there's really not much of a point.