1. Sonic

    Well, Mister…

  2. Tails

    Prower. Miles Prower.

  3. Sonic

    Mister Prower, I'll review your information and let you know if you're my new sidekick.

  4. Tails

    Thank you very much.

  5. Tails stands up to shake hands.

  6. Sonic

    Whoa, you've got two tails?

  7. Tails

    What? Oh yeah, it's just something I've learned to deal with. I'm actually able to use it as a propeller in case I need to—

  8. Sonic

    Tails! Anyone ever call you Tails?

  9. Tails

    Um…no, I can't say anyone has.

  10. Sonic

    Well, that's what I'm calling you now. Tails! I love it!

  11. Tails

    My name is Miles.

  12. Sonic

    'Sup, Tails. How's the tails, Tails?

  13. Tails

    Miles Prower. My name is already a pun, what's the point in making a nickname for me when my name is already—?

  14. Sonic

    Hey, Knuckles! Check out the new guy, Tails!

  15. Knuckles enters.

  16. Knuckles

    For the last time, my name is Theodore.

  17. Sonic

    You know what, Tails, we're gonna be a great team. You and me, fighting Dr. Eggman!

  18. Dr. Robotnik enters.

  19. Dr. Robotnik

    It's Doctor Robotnik! How hard is that? I make robots, and my name is Robotnik, it couldn't be more obvious if you tried! Ugh, I'm tired of this. Get him, TFK-4000!!!

  20. Sonic

    Oh, you mean Metal Sonic?

  21. Silence.

  22. Tails

    What is wrong with you?