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I am a huge fan of the MGS series. I don't own a PS3. When my friend offered me the chance to play MGS4 at his house, I was excited. He neglected to tell me his mom and step-dad were getting a divorce. For 16 hours, I played through crying, yelling, arguing and just general awkwardness until I finally beat it. It was worth it.-M

My roommates and I started what we call our annual Zeldoff. We set up three TVs with three N64s and three copies of Ocarina of Time in our living room. Then we race to see who can play through the game the fastest.-Tay

I just read every issue of Pwn My Life. I got frustrated and jealous any time anyone mentioned that they had a girlfriend.-Anonymous

I waited 11 1/2 hours in line to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in theaters at midnight. Then technical problems ruined the movie. They skipped the first 20 minutes and the sound was horrible through the rest of it. When my boyfriend took me home, I cried in his arm for a good half hour because I was so pissed that I saw it in such a crappy way. I couldn't look at my Deathly Hallows tattoo for days without getting upset.-Sara

My computer at home is busted, so I've been going to my office on weekends to surf the web.-Robert

When I was in high school, a friend of mine read that Pong was hidden in Mortal Kombat II. You could unlock it by playing 250 consecutive versus matches in the arcade version. We set out to see if it would work on Genesis. We played for 11 straight hours. We got to match 253 with no Pong. It wasn't until years later I read that Pong was not playable in the home versions. To this day, I can't see or hear about Pong without feeling like I'm going to throw up.-Anonymous

I put photos that I took of cars in Forza 3 in my photography portfolio for work.-Hayze

My neighbors above me called the cops on me last night. I was screaming at the TV because COD was lagging. They thought I was having an argument with my girlfriend.-Justin

Fun Pwn My Life FactNearly all of you have either the the Zelda item get fanfare or secret reveal sound effect as your text message ringtone.