1. Zealot

    Alright, let's do it! For Auir!

  2. Stalker

    Yeah, let's-wait, are those swords?

  3. Zealot

    Beam swords! Yeah!

  4. Stalker

    Back up. Aren't we super advanced aliens?

  5. Zealot


  6. Stalker

    Why do we have sword?. Even the humans have guns. Not swords. Guns. You'd think we'd get that figured out by now…

  7. Zealot

    Well yes. But they have beams. And do they have this much zeal!?

  8. Stalker

    Yeah, they have these things called "Stim Packs".

  9. Zealot


  10. Stalker

    Yeah. It's mechanical zeal.

  11. Zealot


  12. Stalker

    Also, it actually helps them. And they can shoot things.

  13. Zealot

    Okay, okay, yeesh. But my swords are good at taking out Zerglings-

  14. Stalker

    Right, those little insect dogs. That are attacking robot aliens, correct?

  15. Zealot

    Okay, but this isn't fair. There are way more of them than us.

  16. Stalker

    The insects, right?

  17. Zealot


  18. Stalker

    Okay, just checking. That the super advanced robot aliens are scared of insects.

  19. Zealot

    Well, for one thing there are a bunch of them. And they're really fast, or they shoot us.

  20. Stalker

    Well, can't you like, charge at them?

  21. Zealot

    Oh, no. You'd have to like, wait a while, make things, and then pay a lot to do it.

  22. Stalker

    So, basic things such as running aren't even covered by 'zeal'. Which is literally the only thing you have to offer. Other than, um, swords.

  23. Zealot

    Right. Unless there are concussive shells, in which case I decide to just get my nap on.