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So today I was playing matchmade Living Dead on Reach. Someone pipes up in the lobby with a voice that sounds like a 12 year old girl speaking gibberish. As it turns out, it was a British kid who was 4. We all ripped on him saying he was too young to play Halo and that he should get off of his brother's Xbox. The match starts, he kills half of the zombies, and was the last man standing every round. He shut us up real fast.-John
Me, post-game lobby in Halo Reach after getting a triple kill with the sword:"Why did you guys just line up for me to kill you like that?"Other team member: "It's an old French tactic."-Rory
One night my friend and I were playing Black Ops Nazi Zombies, we didn't have enough people to start a private match so we searched for people to play with online. We were both in a party so we couldn't hear the two guys in gamechat talking, so of course we wanted to communicate with them so we didn't die, thus going to game chat. One guy was apparently just blowing wind in his mic and the other was quiet. My friend and I start talking and after about ten minutes into the game we heard from the quiet guy's mic, "I swear to God Sharleen if you sh*t on my shoulder blade one more time, I'll beat you with the broom again!" We proceeded to laugh so hard I kicked my modem, disconnecting me from Xbox Live.-Dave

In the lobby after getting first on a game of team death match in COD some guy yells out, "My kill to death ratio is better than Hitlers." -Adam J.
I was entering into an already running game in Black Ops. All I could hear were the voices at the loading screen with one of them stating "No really. I may seem a little weird. But I really believe in True Love." As the game went on and explosions went off I could no longer hear the conversation. Nor did I care. Until the final ending Killcam came around and I was able to hear the mic's again I heard the same guy say "And that's all the reasons that True Love is out there" Apparently they discussed it through an entire match of Team Deathmatch.-Chris
I was playing a SWAT match in Halo: Reach, which are usually quiet. Although everyone had a mic, it was silent until one guy yelled, "No, I don't want a fucking milkshake!!! It's fucking cold outside!!!"-Chris