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Being a gay teen guy, it's really hard to find another gay guy to ask out. I finally met one through my best friend's brother. One day, my best friend, his brother and I were all playing videogames at his house while my new crush surfed the internet. Later, I asked him out. He didn't believe I was gay because I was so into videogames. He thought I was mocking him and beat me up in their kitchen.-Anonymous

I just saw my first naked woman in real life. I'm a junior in college and it was during a life drawing class at school.-Anonymous

I'm a soldier in the Canadian Forces. During a training course, I happened to have my Nintendo DS and a copy of Pokemon Pearl on me. When my platoon mates found out, they took to mocking me for it. I played it cool and treated it as though it was no big deal. Within two weeks, a full quarter of the platoon had purchased their own DS's and a copies of Pokemon. Now we have tournaments over the weekends.-Pte Pyne

Two days ago, I fell down a flight of stairs while trying to run down them to get a Hot Pocket during a WoW raid. I crawled back up the stairs to finish the raid before calling for help. I am now typing this from a wheelchair.-Anonymous

The other day I was talking to my mom about things I should add to my calendar. She said I should mark down June 15th as an important date. I exclaimed, "Oh yeah, that's when Green Lantern comes out!" Obviously that's wrong, but that is what I thought at the time. She instead had to remind me that, that was my birthday, and I'd be turning 18.-Anonymous

I turned 21 last summer. Drinking never interested me, but my buddy decided that he'd treat me to my first beer at a local bar on my birthday. On the way to the bar we passed a Toys R Us. We ended up going in to buy Pokemon cards and Terminator Salvation action figures. We had to skip the bar after that, because we'd spent all of our money.-Chris

After being with my boyfriend for nine months, he admitted his crazy love of Warhammer to me. I'm a geek myself, so I didn't understand why it was such a big secret. When he saw I was OK with it, he decided that it'd be really awesome for us to go to Warhammer World twice a week to paint figurines together. Again, this didn't bother me. After two months of it he asked if we could play a game of Warhammer together. We did, but I couldn't get into it. I told him that I enjoyed the painting, but I was interested in playing anymore. Two days later he called me to tell me it was over because, "we don't have anything in common."-Anonymous

My buddies and I entered an original Halo tournament back in the day. Out of 25 teams, we won the team tourney, and my friend also won the free-for-all round. We were awarded XXXL Age of Empires 3 t-shirts, a single energy drink, an ugly Tom Clancy hat, and 100 free tanning minutes. We sold the tanning minutes to girls at school and used the money to buy a trophy.-Anonymous