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I was playing a match of Zombies with some of my friends, we were on the Black Ops map – Kino. My friend jumped behind another one of my friends and shot a zombie in the chest. The guy who got his 10 points stolen quit the game. He was the host. We were on round 24.-Tom
I was playing Black Ops the other day against a clan and on the load out screen for Nuketown heard two of the guys who sounded pretty young and Hispanic talking. "Dude, if you had to had to do your mom, sister, dad, or brother, which would it be?" To which the other guy answered, "Wait. Which brother?" I couldn't stop laughing the whole match.-E-D4S

My friend and I were playing team deathmatch on Halo 3 one night and I was having a conversation with my friend when suddenly he interrupts me and goes "shit I'm gay." I thought he had an epiphany but it just turned out he meant to say "shit I'm dead, that's gay" but instead he had a mental brain lapse and made a hybrid of the 2 sentences. I never let him live it down. -Luis C.
My brother was playing online COD MW: Zombies and was trying to convince a little kid playing that the zombies were based off actual history. Everyone soon joined in and was like "yeah totally. They even named a gun after the president. It's the Ronald Ray-gun." The kid totally bought it.-Rebecca S.
Yesterday I was playing on the new Berlin Wall map on Black Ops. This little 10 year old kept running through the "no-mans-land" the entire game and dying from the auto-turrets. When the match ends he screams, "Who's the motherfucker camping in the tower!?!?!?!" -G
I was playing Team Deathmatch on Villa on Call of Duty: Black Ops and as soon as the match was over I heard this: "Were you born sucking dick or did your daddy teach you?"-Kiley M.