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I just finished Peggle, including all the challenges, on my ipod touch. That's not the nerdy part. The nerdy part is that my iPod Touch never leaves my car, and I only play Peggle while waiting in line at the KFC drive-thru.-Anonymous

My workout playlist is entirely Weird Al polka medleys.-Anonymous

Growing up, we never had a lot of money. I was a Final Fantasy addict. I had to save for months to buy a used copy of FFVIII. A few days later, I went to a friend's house and lost my memory card on the way. It was summer. I didn't have a lot to do, so for three weeks I played FFVIII for 14 hours a day without saving. Then I'd turn it off, got o bed, wake up and play the same 14 hours again until I finally got enough cash to buy a new memory card.-Anonymous

My last girlfriend was very hot. I used to drag her to midnight game releases so I would look cooler than all the other nerds waiting in line at midnight to buy a videogame.-Thor (actually my name)

When i was in Akihabara, Tokyo, I spent over $700 on anime action figures. None of them individually cost over $15.-Ben

I take two backpacks to school, one for my books and one for my Magic cards.-Aldo

My Junior year of high school, my brother, three friends and I decided to spend spring break in Florida. We thought we would party, pick up girls and hit up the beach. Instead, we spent hours inside playing Pokemon. When we weren't playing, we'd be doing something else pokemon-related, like singing the theme song. It culminated in us making a youtube video of a real, live pokemon battle. Some of us played trainers and some of us played pokemon. Overall it was the best spring break I've ever had.-John

I keep am emergency Gamecube controller in my car in case I end up at a house where someone wants to play Smash Bros.-Andrew

Even though I am big into technology and work as an IT guy, I always considered myself to be far less dorky than the typical IT guy. I'm married and have kids, so I figure that's a least something. I came to the realization today that I am in fact "that IT guy." I was at lunch in the cafeteria by myself, eating Hot Pockets with two laptops in front of me, wearing three USB flash drives around my neck and reading Dorkly.-Matt

I have to fantasize about my favorite anime character when I'm with my boyfriend if I want to get off.-Bianca