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While playing Ghost Recon on the original Xbox, over the mic we heard this guy's young daughter run in crying proclaiming "Steven bit me on my head!" Concerned, but obviously irritated by the distraction he asked "he did what?", to which she repeated still crying "he bit me on my head." His advice? "Well then bite him back!" The rest of the match the kids fought and screamed in the background, presumably gnawing each other. Regardless, thanks to this father's dedication, our team won.-Neil
Recently I was playing Borderlands on Xbox live. I am new to the game, so I didn't mind when a young kid was giving me items and showing me how to play. He seemed nice enough, and there hadn't been any racial slurs, so I figured why not? I'll keep playing. Shortly after we decided to be friends, he tried to get me to pretend to be his dad.  It was awkward, and I felt bad for the kid, but I couldn't help pressing the power button, backing away from the tv, and curling up in the fetal position.-Nick

I just joined a game of COD:BO and the first thing I here is some kid talking to his mom and he says "Ya he ran all the way up the street peeing on the neighbors yard."-Harry
As I entered a lobby in Halo Reach, someone was finishing a statement, saying "What I love most about when I orgasm is that I can feel my prostate. It's just moving around back there."-Ryan
So my friend's little brother was playing Team Death Match on Black Ops. He hands me the mic so I could start trolling people. After no one would reply because they were too into the game. I pull up Rick Ashley's Never Gonna Give You Up. I yelled into the mic "YOU JUST GOT RICK ROLLED!! BITCHES!!" But they yelled back and told me to put the song back on…. Everyone with a mic was singing along to it.-Amy
One late night while playing Dead Space 2 multiplayer over the PSN I joined a game and as soon as I got in some guy said "Of course I have a pocket pussy and I use it regularly. Anyone who says they don't have a pocket pussy is a fucking liar". The entire lobby laughed, and to this day I still feel better than him because not only do I not have a pocket pussy or some other masturbation tool, but a steady girlfriend.-Tron