1. Ash

    I did it! I have all the badges and I caught them all. I'm the Pokemaster!

  2. Brock

    You did it! Now, on to the elite-

  3. Ash

    Silence! Build me a palace of solid gold!

  4. Pause.

  5. Brock


  6. Ash

    I am your god now.

  7. Misty

    No, you just caught some Pokemon.

  8. Ash

    Misty, the word is Pokemon. Everything is Pokemon. Hell, we had to pretend Brock was a Pokemon to get him to the hospital.

  9. Brock

    I still think Blackiemon was a little offensive….

  10. Ash

    These badges mean I can control all the Pokemon, and thus the world. So it stands to reason then that I, as I have always insisted on via my theme song, am now the best.

  11. Misty


  12. Ash

    The very best.

  13. Brock


  14. Ash

    The best there ever was. Okay? I mean, I am clearly undefeatable-I took out all of team rocket multiple times. The most ruthless crime syndicate in the world-nothing to me, They've killed thousands.. So: gold castle. Let's get moving.

  15. Brock

    Well, you had to re-start twice when Gary Oak-

  16. Ash

    I WILL SEE GARY OAK HUNG! But if I'm unstoppable and the best ever, then I deserve to be a king, lord of all I see, unstoppable and a legend forever. Case and point, right?

  17. Misty

  18. Brock

  19. Ash

    Failing that, I'd settle for Misty.