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Appropriately Named Pokemon

Picture Appropriately Named Pokemon

August 25, 2010

Fun fact: Metapod is slang for vagina.

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Dog Kinda Plays Xbox

Picture Dog Kinda Plays Xbox

August 25, 2010

Opposable thumbs are for n00bs.

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Meeting of the Marios

Picture Meeting of the Marios

August 26, 2010

This is going to be really awkward when they find out they have the same girlfriend.

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Real Life Duck Hunt

Picture Real Life Duck Hunt

August 25, 2010

Don't worry, the dog still gets up on his hind legs and laughs at you. By: //

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Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Picture Leading Causes of Car Accidents

August 25, 2010

Also, lava is the leading cause of death in plumbers.

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Important Investigation

Picture Important Investigation

August 24, 2010

Now there's an investigation I can get behind…HEY OH!

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Guitar Hero Girl

Picture Guitar Hero Girl

August 24, 2010

She must be really good. That's a terrible position to be playing in.

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Mario Spotted at Airport

Picture Mario Spotted at Airport

August 24, 2010

It's going to be an expensive flight to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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L4D Safehouse

Picture L4D Safehouse

August 23, 2010

I hope Coach didn't already take all the medkits.

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Snorlax in Real Life

Picture Snorlax in Real Life

August 24, 2010

You're going to need a Poke flute or ELSE! …You'll have to walk around him.

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