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Nintendo Table

Picture Nintendo Table

September 13, 2010

To clean it just take a hairdryer and blow everything off.

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Ewok Band

Picture Ewok Band

September 10, 2010

They've replaced the drums with Stormtrooper helmets. Head inside.

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Spiderman Can

Picture Spiderman Can

September 09, 2010

"We guarantee your tongue will tingle Spidey-style!"

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Ewok in a DeLorean

Picture Ewok in a DeLorean

September 09, 2010

He has to go back to convince Lucas not to make the prequels. Godspeed.

Hipster Spiderman

Picture Hipster Spiderman

September 07, 2010

He'd fight some crime, but that would only make the ghost of Uncle Ben proud.

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Street Fighter

Picture Street Fighter

September 07, 2010

Love is hard, like multiple punches to the face while your opponent is in the bathroom.

Duke Nukem Steroids

Picture Duke Nukem Steroids

September 07, 2010

It's right next to the Muscle Milk in your local GNC.

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Jesus Spawn

Picture Jesus Spawn

September 03, 2010

Unfortunately he was immediatey sniped.

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Fitness First

Picture Fitness First

September 03, 2010

If only it was a Shake Weight with a busty animated character on screen. If only.

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