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Legend of Mario

Picture Legend of Mario

November 02, 2010

The Water Temple just got a lot grosser.

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Reservoir Troopers

Picture Reservoir Troopers

November 03, 2010

These are not the diamonds you're looking for.

Binary Halloween Costume

Picture Binary Halloween Costume

November 02, 2010

0110111, 111 000111, 11010011! LOL!

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Zombie Mario

Picture Zombie Mario

November 02, 2010

He's determined to save the princess. And eat her brain.

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Mouser Tattoo

Picture Mouser Tattoo

November 02, 2010

And the winner for most obscure Mario tattoo goes to…

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Red Dead Cougars

Picture Red Dead Cougars

November 01, 2010

Cougin' ain't easy.

Red Shirt Guy in WoW

Picture Red Shirt Guy in WoW

November 01, 2010

He's the last NPC in the "arbitrary facts" quest chain.

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Mario Office

Picture Mario Office

November 02, 2010

This looks like a fun office, but every day their boss gets kidnapped by a dinosaur monster.

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WoW Wedding Cake

Picture WoW Wedding Cake

November 01, 2010

They're spending their honeymoon in Sholazar Basin.

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Zelda Four Swords Models

Picture Zelda Four Swords Models

November 01, 2010

Each one represents a piece of the tri-force. Except the blue one, he's a jerk.

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