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Snow AT-AT (Part 2)

Picture Snow AT-AT (Part 2)

January 05, 2011

The only turtle walker capable of melting. By Jayme Thornton.

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Claptrap Tattoo

Picture Claptrap Tattoo

January 05, 2011

A classy tattoo for a classy robot enthusiast.

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8-Bit Nintendo Quilted Bedset

Picture 8-Bit Nintendo Quilted Bedset

January 04, 2011

You don't need to be Peach to sleep with Mario.

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Darth Vader Hates Snow

Picture Darth Vader Hates Snow

January 05, 2011

Hoth needs more plows.

Girl Doesn't Understand Mario

Picture Girl Doesn't Understand Mario

January 04, 2011

Ugh, what a dumbass. You're supposed to yell at the first character, not talk to him.

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Snow Chomp

Picture Snow Chomp

January 04, 2011

I humbly request that he be put in the next Mario snow level.

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Spiderman Helps Out

Picture Spiderman Helps Out

January 04, 2011

His spidey senses are tingling, but that's probably from inhaling exhaust fumes.

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Portal-Style Birthday Cake

Picture Portal-Style Birthday Cake

January 03, 2011

To say this cake is dishonest would be an understatement.

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Snake Caught Looking

Picture Snake Caught Looking

January 03, 2011

"SIXTY PERCENT OFF!? Unbelievable!"

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Well Researched Facebook Ad

Picture Well Researched Facebook Ad

January 03, 2011

I wonder if Gengar and King Arthur got along.

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