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Whole Lotta Leias

Picture Whole Lotta Leias

January 07, 2011

Now this is an "Attack of the Clones" I'd like to watch.

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Original Mortal Kombat Poster

Picture Original Mortal Kombat Poster

January 06, 2011

The best way to sell a game is to threaten children. We call it "marketing."

Yoda Fountain

Picture Yoda Fountain

January 06, 2011

A beautiful structure, this is.

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Bread Crab

Picture Bread Crab

January 06, 2011

Almost as delicious as a regular headcrab.

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Zelda Triforce Birthday Cake

Picture Zelda Triforce Birthday Cake

January 06, 2011

Frosting, cake, and candles: The tri-force of delicious.

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Fallout: That's a lot of Dinkies

Picture Fallout: That's a lot of Dinkies

January 07, 2011

"My friend and I decided to buy all the Dinky the Dinosaur figurines from Novac in Fallout: New Vegas and drop them one at a time in the shop. That's over 1,200 tiny dinosaurs."

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Pacman Lights

Picture Pacman Lights

January 05, 2011

Turn around, Pacman. He's blue for chrissakes.

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Picture WTF C-3PO Fan

January 06, 2011

Well, he did say he was programmed for human-cyborg relations.

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L4D Guy Reminds us What's Really Important

Picture L4D Guy Reminds us What's Really Important

January 05, 2011

Sometimes we take our pre-zombie apocalypse world for granted.

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