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Hot Girl Wears Tiny, Inaccurate Batman Costume

Picture Hot Girl Wears Tiny, Inaccurate Batman Costume

February 22, 2011

Um, Batman would never show that much skin. That is why he is the true Dark Knight, and you're just some incredibly attractive lady.

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Iron Man Cake

Picture Iron Man Cake

February 21, 2011

He's even got a delicious armored candy shell!

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Rebel & Imperial Hand Tattoos

Picture Rebel & Imperial Hand Tattoos

February 21, 2011

It's only fair to give equal body space to both causes.

Bearded Badass Link

Picture Bearded Badass Link

February 21, 2011

He grew up in Ocarina of Time. Then he grew up some more.

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Nerdtastic Birthday Note

Picture Nerdtastic Birthday Note

February 21, 2011

Like Boba Fett would need any help.

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Link Dual Wielding Master Swords

Picture Link Dual Wielding Master Swords

February 18, 2011

"Behold, Link. This is the fabled sword of legend, the one true Master Sword. Oh, and so is this one."

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Official Fantasy World Map

Picture Official Fantasy World Map

February 21, 2011

Oh, now I see why Middle Earth went to war with Whoville in the second book.

Pokemon Classroom Cosplay

Picture Pokemon Classroom Cosplay

February 18, 2011

Brock, for the last time, you're blinking in every picture!

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Amazing Admiral Ackbar Tatoo

Picture Amazing Admiral Ackbar Tatoo

February 18, 2011


Hot Girl in Mario Cap

Picture Hot Girl in Mario Cap

February 18, 2011

…and ocarina pendant. You guys probably aren't interested in this.

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