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Cold War Bob-ombs

Picture Cold War Bob-ombs

April 05, 2011

Mr. Koopachev, tear down this wall!

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Zombie Spider-Man & Mary Jane Cosplay

Picture Zombie Spider-Man & Mary Jane Cosplay

April 04, 2011

I'll never forget Uncle Ben's last words to me… "With great power comes grrrBRRRRRAAAAIIIIINNNNSSS"

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Scribblenauts Cosplay

Picture Scribblenauts Cosplay

April 04, 2011

You'd think Maxwell would be able to summon himself a less-dorky hat.

Sexy Power Girl Cosplay

Picture Sexy Power Girl Cosplay

April 01, 2011

Yeah, like nerds will ever be interested in this.

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Chef Vader

Picture Chef Vader

April 01, 2011

I know this isn't a very popular opinion, but Phantom Menace? Not that great.

Pac-Man Moon

Picture Pac-Man Moon

April 01, 2011

An ominous moon rises over Multicolored Ghost Inc.

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Imperial Snuggie

Picture Imperial Snuggie

April 01, 2011

Now you can guard the emperor from the safety of your couch.


Picture Spocktopus

April 04, 2011

This combination is highly illogical.

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Keyboard Joystick Adapter

Picture Keyboard Joystick Adapter

March 31, 2011

Finally, a way to play games on my computer!

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"I Am Your Father" Graffiti

Picture "I Am Your Father" Graffiti

April 01, 2011

Also Leia is your sister. It gets pretty weird.

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